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Karen Murphy quoted in DESTINY Magazine

Karen Murphy quoted in DESTINY Magazine

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Karen Murphy was interviewed by South African author, Thandi Skade, for Thandi’s Love Notes feature article, Tunnel Vision, on parenting teenagers appearing in the October 2013 issue of DESTINY Magazine – a high-end business and lifestyle magazine for women.

Being a good role model to your teenagers by upholding your own standards, says Murphy, is central to seeing your kids
through the tunnel.  ‘Take the time to assess your own behaviour. If you’ve been a ‘helicopter parent’ who hovers over your children, this is your wake-up call.

My children are influenced by how I’ve lived my whole life, not just my role as a mother. I’ve gone back to university twice to get advanced degrees and so has my husband. The children saw the value we place on education and grew to share it. Each of them has taken school seriously to prepare for a career that fits their talents. Perhaps the best thing we can do for our teenagers as they strive for independence is to show how we ourselves live the life we envisage,’ she says.”

DESTINY is aimed at accomplished, stylish and intellectually curious women who are either interested in, or actively engaged in business. As the first publication of its kind in South Africa, it aims to fill a void for business and financial information that connects, supports and inspires women who are professionals, entrepreneurs, businesswomen and general business enthusiasts.

See Karen’s humorous account of life with teenagers: Light at the End of the Teenage Tunnel


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