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“Extra Hour” Provides Clue to Work/Life Blend

“Extra Hour” Provides Clue to Work/Life Blend

E&Y women gathered together at the PWN event on October 25, 2013 Friday afternoon to be treated to booths with support for the working woman and conversation with colleagues.

The question at the Work/Life Pursuit booth was “What would you do with an Extra Hour?” 

Why do I ask the “Extra Hour” question?

The answer gives you a clue to what may be missing in your work/life blend, your pain point or stress factor.

  • Some said, “Spend more time with their partner/spouse.”  Could this be stress from guilt feelings?
  • Some said, “Exercise” or “Sleep” – perhaps a need to take better care of themselves?
  • Others opted for time on their own and with friends – looking for that quality of life missing in their lives.

In my book, I share a 4 step process to determine what roles you want in your life, your vision for these roles and how to plan your week to live your vision.  I can’t give you an “Extra Hour,” but I promise you a process that’s easy to follow, simple to apply and yet life changing.

Take the first step today by scheduling bite size chunks of your “Extra Hour.”   Put these “rocks” in your week first, then the sand.   Schedule a 15 min activity on a specific date and time.  Use your Work Life Rocks sticky note pad to post a visible reminder.  You can regain control of where your life is heading.

I get up 15 min earlier each day and jog around the block.   Once I got in the habit, I found it was a great way to start the day.

Are you curious about how your colleagues would spend their “Extra Hour?”  See the polling results of the 22 respondents below.

Use your “Extra Hour” clue to pursue your work/life blend.


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