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Top 10 Countdown: Now Who’s Asking, “Can I Have It All?”

Top 10 Countdown: Now Who’s Asking, “Can I Have It All?”

It’s not your Working Mom’s Work/Life anymore!

It turns out Work/Life strategies are important to a spectrum of employees – not just Working Moms.   Why should corporations care?  Support an employee’s work/life concern and plug a costly leak in the talent pipeline.  Is work/life on your corporate agenda?

Join me for a Top 10 Countdown on  who’s asking “Can I have it all?”


Top 10 Countdown – Who’s asking can I have it all?

Here’s a Top 10 List & references to learn more about what employees are facing in work/life challenges.

#10. The never ending Working Mom debate.  Can we have it all? (The Atlantic,  Anne-Marie Slaughter, July/Aug 2012)

#9.  Work-life conflict has increased for Working Dads! ( newmalemystique.pdf)

#8.  Single parents make it happen on a wing and a prayer. (27% of children live with one parent -2010 US Census)

#7. One in 5 employees care for an elder – will double in 5 yrs. (Elderly care stats from

#6. Two thirds of childfree women want free time over money. (More magazine, 2011, “Women in Workplace Study)

#5.  80 % of men who work > 50 hrs/wk would like shorter hrs. (“The Time Divide,” Jerry A. Jacobs, Kathleen Gerson)

#4, #3 and #2. What’s important to the Millennial, Gen X & Boomer generations? Work/Life! (Talent 2020, September 2012, Deloitte Consulting LLP)

#1.  Attitudes are finally changing around “traditional” gender roles for men & women in terms of work & children. ( Times Are Changing.pdf)

It’s not your Working Mom’s Work/Life Anymore!

  • Did I miss anyone?  
  • What is your organization doing to support employees in work/life their challenges?

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