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Keep Your Talent. Expand Your Work-Life View

Keep Your Talent. Expand Your Work-Life View

It’s not your working mom’s work/life anymore.

It turns out Work/Life strategies are important to a spectrum of employees, more so than ever before.

Why expand your view?  If you support an employee’s work/life, you can plug a costly leak in the talent pipeline.

I lead Work/Life workshops for corporate audiences. When the doors open at a Work/Life event, working moms find they have company.

In addition to working mom’s, look out in the audience & you’ll see…

• Men who don’t want to miss out on their children’s lives. Couples who are “child free.” Women and men caring for elderly relatives.

• Millennials who refuse to stay in their cubicles, Boomers who want to leave their legacy, Gen X’ers who lived through the restructuring years.

• Young Professionals building their careers. Retirees phasing into their next adventure.

Work/Life is NOW more important than EVER

So, I expanded my business – originally called the Working Parent Café into a bigger tent called Work/Life Pursuit.

Corporations who want to keep their talent are paying attention to the trends too.   Work/Life challenges apply across the employee base.  The smart money says building work/life strategies can stop leaks in the talent pipeline.

Talent Pipeline v2

After all, who wants to lose talent after investing in the hiring and training process?

• Replacement costs are generally reported at 50% – 150% of salaries.

• Helping employees to find meaning in their work results in 30% – 300% more innovation and productivity.

• “Having a life” gives employees an energy boost and reduces high cost illnesses that come from unending stress.

Keep your talent

1. Employee Assistance Programs offer work/life services that are underutilized. Get the boss to champion these services to employees and he/she will be an instant hero!

2. Employee Network Groups can pool their resources and sponsor a Work/Life event, such as a Lunch & Learn or a Workshop.

3. Corporate training curriculum can include facilitated Mastermind small groups, which are venues for employees to share work/life experiences and discuss self-help books.


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