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Inspired by Walla Walla

Inspired by Walla Walla

One can’t help but to be inspired looking out at the rolling hills in Walla Walla WA.  I was in Walla Walla and in the mood for inspiration.  I conducted a Work Life Pursuit workshop for the Corps of Engineers.

The workshop was enriched by the diversity of the participants.

  • Occupations: Park Ranger, Budget Analyst, Accountant, Environmental Compliance, Fish/Water Quality Assurance, Electrician, Small Business Liaison… among others.
  • Demographics: 75% men/25% women; 55% married/45% single; 25% childfree/ 75% parents; 33% Millennials/42% Gen X/ 25%Boomers.

I shared my Work/Life ROCKs experience (4 steps to take charge & live the life you envision) and facilitated the Strength Finders 2.0 program as part of the Corps’ Leadership Development Program.

These great people I met are planning to use their unique strengths to continue their quest for career and life success.

How?  By purposely planning their life week by week to include what’s most important to them – family, their partners, career goals, art, recreation, music, faith, physical conditioning, and continuous learning.

It never fails. The energy I give to a workshop is magnified 10 fold by the energy I get from the participants.  I walked away not only inspired by the rolling hills and open spaces of the vast northwest countryside, but by the vast dreams and goals of those I met in the Corps of Engineers.



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