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Do hawks have work/life issues?

Do hawks have work/life issues?

I had the pleasure of speaking on my favorite topic – work/life pursuitwith the members of the Scotts Women’s Network at their HQ situated in the rural beauty of Marysville, Ohio.  The venue was a Lunch & Learn sponsored by WELD (Women for Economic Leadership & Development).

In the middle of the Lunch & Learn we had a visitor come join us.  A hawk swooped down next to the conference room window…with her lunch.  Ewww!  After enjoying the nature show (see video below), we got back on topic.

Before the event, I had surveyed the participants to test the waters.  How did the Scotts’ women experience work/life stress? They expressed feelings of work overload (averaging 10.4 hours/day), frequent distractions (like a hawk appearing in the middle of a workshop?) and a loss of control (fueled a bit by guilt).  I bet you’re saying they’re not alone!

Work Life in a Typical Work DayHow do you think they spent a typical work day?  From the survey results, it’s not Work/Life it’s Work/Sleep!  Time on your own, with friends,  in the community and exercise – are all low on the list.  A new activity on my survey is elder care, the number of us providing care to our relatives is predicted to double in the next 5 years.

If we had an extra hour...When asked how would they spend an extra hour if they had it, their top three choices were: #1 Time on their own, #2 Time with spouse/partner and #3 Exercise. All good choices to rekindle the brain to be more productive, creative and innovative.  No wonder Scotts supports Work/Life training.

Can you get an extra hour in your day?  How do you overcome overwhelm?  Even the hawk stayed to find out the answer.

We spent the Lunch & Learn testing out my 4 step process to R.O.C.K. your work/life and live the life you envision.

Roles:  The women listed the roles that were important to them, including mother, wife, sister, aunt, employee, leader, musician, student, being spiritual, athlete, a friend and more.

Outcomes: Using a writing stretch exercise, each woman described their outcome for a role.  Interestingly, two women shared a similar outcome for different roles of being a leader and being spiritual – to serve and inspire others.

Commitments: What can you commit to do each week to step toward your outcome for each role?  We formed small groups and “masterminded” ideas for each other.

Keep:  To keep your commitment we found the power of writing it down and making an appointment with yourself!  It’s about being purposeful at the start of the week and then reflecting at the end of the week.

The women left ready to R.O.C.K. their work/life in pursuit of living the life they envision!   And, the hawk?  Well she left fully satisfied – if not from the workshop, then from her delicious lunch.


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