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You know you’re a working parent, if…

You know you’re a working parent, if…

Working Parent Top Ten List


10.   A week in your life would humble the best air traffic controller

9.  You have figured out long hair means less trips to the salon/barber

8.  You choose your outfit from the clean (or dirty) laundry pile

7.  You become a drill sergeant to get the kids out the door on time each morning

6.  You know the exact time it takes to get to the childcare provider after work

5.  You only find time to cut your toenails every six months

4.  You curse the day in the spring when we lose an hour!

3.  You celebrate the day each fall when we gain an hour!

And the Top Two reasons you know you’re a working parent…


2. You like your job, because it gives you a chance to be you.

1. You love your family, because they remind you of what is truly important in life!


My passion is to bring women (and men) together to share experiences and build work/life strategies to be successful and fulfilled. This has led me to found the Working Parent Café – call on me if I can be of help to your organization!

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