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“Extra Hour” Provides a Clue to Work/Life Blend

“Extra Hour” Provides a Clue to Work/Life Blend

I was part of a Work/Life panel at a WELD Ohio event entitled  “You Can’t Do It All, So Get Help.”   I polled the all female audience on the question…

“What would you do with an Extra Hour?”

The answer gives you a clue to what may be missing in your work/life blend – that special ingredient you may be craving to add some quality to your life.

  • Exta Hour Poll Results - Responses from WELD Sept 2014 event 720 x 960 pixelsThe top answer was “Time for Self” – a response you might expect, since women are known for nurturing others, but not so much themselves.
  • The next answer was that ever elusive “Sleep” – studies show that sleep is needed for innovation, creativity and productivity.
  • Tied for 3rd was, “Spend more time with their family” – could this be stress from feelings of guilt? And, “Exercise” – perhaps a need to take better care of themselves?
  • Tied for 4th was “Partner” and “Housework?” – Begging the question are we taking our partners for granted?
  • “Friends” did get a mention, albeit last – luckily our friends will always be there for us!
  • Other categories not getting a vote were “Community Service” and “Work’”

Use your “Extra Hour” clue to pursue your work/life blend.

Panel members Karen Murphy, Work Life Pursuit, and Lori Scott, Cornerstone Concierge, offer resources to help you out.

Karen wrote a short nuts & bolts book on her experience with using a weekly plan to live life more purposefully. Create Your Work/Life Vision: 4 Steps to Take Charge and Live the Life You Envision, available on Amazon in print or ebook.

Lori Scott can assist you in the Columbus, Ohio area with services including home sitting, errands, party planning, shopping, tutors, auto services and in home computer support. Contact at 614-336-0844.

Take the first step today by scheduling a bite size chunk of your “Extra Hour.” Schedule a 15 min activity on a specific date and time. Add that little bit of extra spice to your work/life blend. You deserve it!

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