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Favorite Day of the Year

Favorite Day of the Year

It’s my favorite day of the year.  The day we get an Extra Hour! 

We get to turn our clocks back as daylight savings time comes to an end.

At my Work/Life Pursuit workshops I ask the question, “What would you do with an Extra Hour?” 

The answer gives you a clue to what’s missing in your work/life blend.


  • Some say, “Spend more time with their children” – even though they spend every minute they can with their children.
  • Some say, “Exercise” or “Sleep” – perhaps a need to take better care of themselves?
  • Others opt for relaxing, time on their own, or time with their partner/spouse – wanting more quality of life.

Would you be surprised to know that women and men answer that question differently? 

Earlier this year I surveyed 600 women and 400 men in an organization.  Take a look at the results below.

ASH Jan 9 2013The most frequent response for men was to spend that extra hour with their partner/spouse.

What did the women say?  Exercise was number one.   Spending time with their partner/spouse was ranked fourth.   But at least it was ranked higher than sleep!

In my book, “Create Your Work/Life Vision: 4 Steps to Take Charge and Live the Life You Envision – Week by Week,” I share a process to determine what roles you want in your life, your vision for these roles and how to plan your week to live your vision.  I can’t give you an “Extra Hour,” but I promise you a process that’s easy to follow, simple to apply and yet life changing.

Take the first step today by scheduling a bite size chunk of your “Extra Hour” on a specific date and time.  I get up 15 min earlier and jog around the block.  Get on your way to regain control of where your life is heading.

Use your “Extra Hour” clue to pursue your own work/life blend.


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