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Confessions of a “mean mom”

Confessions of a  “mean mom”

Are you now or have you been in the past a “mean mom”?  Well if you are, don’t worry you are on the right track.  Each of my four daughters still gave me a Mother’s Day gift; even though at one time or another I was accused being a “mean mom.”

Thanks for the joy of Mother’s Day gifts

On those “mean mom” days it helps to go through my drawer of Mother’s Day gifts.  I still have the potted plant with an artificial flower that doubles as a pen.  One of my favorites was the school project where each child made a book about their mother.  My daughter wrote I was at least 16 years old and my favorite restaurant was Dairy Queen.

What does a “mean mom” do?

Here is my “mean mom” list of offenses according to my daughters at various times growing up.  Not allowing her to go to “R” rated movies when she was 17 and under.  Banning flip flops or jeans for church attire (I must confess that by daughter no. 3 and 4 I have relaxed that rule… getting them to church more hassle free makes for a better experience).  No sleepovers during the school week.  Not allowed to hang out downtown at the Saturday night gallery hop at age 16 (even though all her friends were going).  No ear piercing (yes, this is a bit strange, but I think it holds them back from asking for tattoos and multiple body piercings).  You may note that these are all pre-teen and teenage type issues; the mean streak must come out in moms at that age.

What goes around comes around

As a girl, I remember writing down things I would never do when I became a mom.  Ha!  My husband made the observation that the daughter I fought most with has my same traits.  This Mother’s Day I got a special handwritten note from her.  It said, “Everyday I realize I am more and more like you, and everyday I am more and more glad about it!”

I think if we “mean moms” of the world united, we could have as much political power as the soccer moms.  How do you know if you are one of us?  (By the way, feel free to substitute “mean dad” here too.)

🙂  You know you’re a “mean mom” if you hear yourself projecting your own mom when you were a teenager.

🙂  You know you’re a “mean mom” if the phrase, “all the parents let their kids do this” comes up in the conversation.

🙂  You know you’re a “mean mom” if you love your kids enough to say “no” when you have to.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to wear a witch’s hat or have a wart on your nose to be a “mean mom”!   Hang in there, if I can do it, you can do it!

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