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Working Parent Survival: Live your Vision – Week by Week

This workshop is designed exclusively for Working Parents as part of  Work Life Pursuit! 

  • It applies to working parents in all walks of life.
  • The aim is to identify your roles in life and the unique vision you want to achieve in each of those roles.
  • Plan activities each week that line up with your personal life vision.

Learn to create a personal vision and develop a “take charge” action plan to gain control and balance.

Work Life Purusuit workshop packages include:

  • Online assessment survey (to engage audience prior to the seminar)
  • Interactive workshop customized to your audience (to create “café” feeling with stories and humor)
  • e-workbooks with practical tools (to promote commitment to action)
  • Follow up mastermind group facilitation for small groups (to provide ongoing accountability and support)

If you are interested in this workshop please contact Karen here.