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Are you a Business manager or Human Resource manager at a corporation concerned about attracting, engaging and retaining talent?

Work/Life challenges cause leaks in your talent pipeline. Build employee skills to navigate the new work/life reality.  Employees need work life strategies woven into their career development plans to be effective.  Check out the Work/Life Pursuit workshop and Mastermind options for your corporate development programs.

Does your talent pipeline have leaks?

talent pipeline

Could the surprises in your succession plan be from work/life obstacles for men and women?

Build manager and employee skills to navigate the new work/life reality including generational perspectives, changing gender norms, elder care, dual career, single parents and blended families.


Work/Life Pursuit corporate workshops

 Programs are customized for your group

Work/Life Pursuit workshops and Mastermind groups provide forums for participants to catch their breath, share stories, laugh and come away with ideas and practical tools to gain control of their lives.

  • Informal Lunch and Learns or formal Key Note Speeches can be used to introduce these programs to your audience.
  • Interactive Workshop Packages are recommended to allow participants to practice the tools and build their skills.
  • Ongoing Mastermind Networks can be formed to facilitate changes in behavior to maintain skills.

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This 5 min. excerpt is from a webinar for the American Foundry Society’s Women in Metalcasting group on Connecting Across Generations & Gender to achieve Work/Life goals.  From Karen’s introductory remarks you can see how a Work/Life Pursuit workshops are customized to the audience and prepares them for a highly interactive session.