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Is a Political Career & Life Possible?

Is a Political Career & Life Possible?

Is a political career & life possible? That’s the question we tackled through interactive discussions & exercises on work/life as part of the NEW Leadership Ohio program.

NEW Leadership is a program at colleges across the US that works to educate and empower college women to take on public leadership roles. 30 women from colleges across Ohio attended the week long program covering a variety of topics.

I led a Work Life Pursuit workshop entitled: See into Your Future: Career/Life Vision. Here are several highlights from our group discussions on the pursuit of a political career & a life.

  • Traditional gender stereotypes are weakening, but are still embedded in society’s unconscious bias. The participants plan to have an open negotiation with their partners on how to handle family roles with a career.
  • Life challenges ahead include relocation, travel and being in the spotlight. The participants shared perspectives through a game of Would You Rather and explored the rewards & options they may have with these particular challenges.
  • Finally, we tested out my 4 step method to ROCK your Work/Life. Participants listed their life Roles, did a writing stretch on Outcomes and used the Mastermind technique to prioritize Commitments to Keep – week by week.

What a great session.   I walked away inspired by a group of women who clearly see their future!




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