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“Awesome Women in Business” share work/life experiences

“Awesome Women in Business” share work/life experiences

I had a great time talking with a group of women who are truly awesome!

The Columbus, Ohio Meet Up group,  “Awesome Women in Business”  gathered on July 9, 2013 to share work/life experiences.  These women own businesses that provide services such as parent coaching, photography, life coaching, healthy eating, financial management, and skin care.  There were about 65 women in attendance.

And guess what?  Together we learned that we are not alone!  We are more apt to feel stress and guilt when our work and life are not aligned to live our vision.   If you’re interested, see the group survey results on work/life experiences .

In the workshop, we practiced each of the 4 steps from my book, “Create Your Work/Life Vision: 4 Steps to Live the Life You Envision – Week by Week

1) Identify the roles in your life

2) Describe a vision statement for each role

3) Plan a few activities every week to work towards your vision for each role

4) Commit to a time each week to reflect, review and fill out your weekly plan


At the end of the workshop, the group took on the Awesome Women in Business Work/Life Challenge!

Leslie Quickel of Dare to Parent – puts her rock in the jar. She’s inviting her mother-in-law to lunch this week:)

Fill your jar (=weekly plan) with  “rocks” first (= work/life priorities) and then the “sand” (lower priority activities).

The audience reaction was gratifying – here are a few testimonials from the event.

  • I loved 4 Steps to Create Your Work/Life Vision. Very informative and relevant for almost every woman (or man) that I know!
  • Karen is an engaging speaker.  Very inspirational and motivates you to take instant action.  She has inspired me to be more intentional and to live the life I envision.
  • Karen makes a nice, fun presentation.  She has a great way of personalizing her workshop using her own life experiences.
  • What a dynamic person.  It is clear Karen wants to help women live their vision.
  • Karen merged wonderful adult learning techniques together to keep the topic flowing and motivational.  Energized to get out of my rut as a result.  Thanks!


Please call on me if you’d like to join a Mastermind group to have great discussions and feel the support and accountability that comes from working with a small group with a common goal.

Or, if you just need a boost – check out my book, “Create Your Work/Life Vision: 4 Steps to Take Charge and Live the Life Your Envision – Week by Week” on in print or ebook form.

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