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Karen Murphy is the founder of Work/Life Pursuit.  Karen is passionate about sharing her generational and work/life experiences to enable women and men to be successful and fulfilled.  She creates work/life events for employees to regain control of their lives – with a dose of humor!

Her workshop includes a pre-survey, interactive exercises, workbook and Mastermind facilitation.  She released her first book,  Create Your Work/Life Vision: 4 Steps to Take Charge and Live the Life You Envision – Week by Week, in September 2012.

Karen is the mother of four daughters, the wife of a working father and in her career reached a VP level at a Fortune 500 company.  With 30 years of corporate experience, she has seen the advance of the multi-generational workforce and developed a 4 step method for work/life effectiveness.  Karen was a founding member of the Ashland Women’s International Network and served as its first chair person.

She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and also has an MBA.  Karen worked in the chemical industry  in Research, Operations, Sales/Marketing and Environmental, Health and Safety.  She traveled internationally throughout Europe, South America, India and Asia.

She is a freelance writer and conducts workshops at corporations, universities, trade associations, and women’s groups.  Contact Karen to work with your organization.  Getting work-life right is a competitive imperative to attract, advance and retain talent.

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This 5 min. excerpt is from a webinar Karen conducted for the American Foundry Society’s Women in Metalcasting group on Connecting Across Generations & Gender to achieve Work/Life goals. From Karen’s introductory remarks you can see how a Work/Life Pursuit workshop is customized to the audience and prepares them for a highly interactive session.